If I was on a Classic Tv Show

If you were on a classic TV show, which one would you be on, and why?

Bewitched. I always loved that show. I think it could be fun being friends with / knowing Samantha. Especially if you knew she was a witch. It could definitely get interesting then. You would never know what was going to happen or who could show up.

My Book Challenge

Decided yesterday, that I was going to do my own book challenge. I am going to try to read at least one book a month for the rest of the year. So, with five months left this year, I have to read at least 5 books. Theoretically this is possible for me to do. I have been able to do it before.

But the question is: will I be able to finish one book in a single month?

I will blog my way through it over the next few months. Lets see if this works out.


Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a great holiday season. Mine was pretty good. How was yours?

One thing I really didn’t like was all of the snow. I am not a snow / cold weather kind of person. Cold weather + me = a bad combination. If only I could be in warmer weather year round.

Did some baking for the holidays (mostly because my mum wanted me to not because I wanted to) at the beginning of December. I made sugar cookies, shortbread, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. Luckily she had packages for all of those so that made it easier for me to make them.

I also made a frozen holiday spice whip cream. Which was basically just 2 tsp cocoa powder; 1 tsp cinnamon; 1/2 tsp pure ground cloves; 1/2 tsp ground ginger; 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg; 1/4 cup sugar; and about 1 cup whipping cream. So first: mix the spices, cocoa powder, and sugar together. Then mix in the whipping cream. Next would be to whip the whipping cream into whip cream. Put into a freezer friendly seal-able container, and place into the freezer. Wait for it to freeze completely and Voila! Frozen holiday spice whip cream. Just as a FYI; I put the spiced whipping cream into the fridge over night to help bring out the flavors of the spices, I whipped it into the whip cream the following day. You definitely don’t need to if you don’t want to. For me the flavor was awesome, but you can adjust the amount of spices to however you want them.

Giving up something – iPad

Giving up something , Wine, Starbucks,  for a week, and share how you handle it; or don’t

Ok, so I am not going to use my iPad for a week. It should go pretty well. Not sure how well this is going to work for me. I’ve tried going without my iPad before, but during the day I usually end up going to grab it at some point. I hope I will be able to last the week lol. I will honestly be surprised if I do.

So as I thought, me + attempting to not use my iPad for a week was an epic fail. I have tried multiple times over the past year. It never works. I only got as far as one to two days at the most. That was usually when I had to work early-ish in the day and had no energy to do anything once I get home. 

What historical period in time do you wish you were born?

What historical period in time do you wish you were born?

As much as I love this period in time (I love me some technology), I think if I had to choice something else it would be 19th century Europe. I don’t have specific reasons as to why. If I had to chose, that would be it. But like I have said, I love technology. So staying born in the time I was, I would be more than happy. 

If I was given a free plane ticket…

If someone gave you a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Hmmm. If I had to choose one place, it’d be France. Particularly either Paris, or Nice. It’d be a lot of fun to go over there. I’ve always wanted to go to France. 

It would be awesome if it could be multiple free plane tickets to anywhere. Then it would be France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. That would be an incredible holiday.