“No one ever said this would be easy”

“No one ever said this would be easy”

That saying definitely applies to me and my blog. It also works well in many situations, not matter what it is.

When I first started my blog I actually did think it was going to be easier than what it is. I honestly thought that I would post at least twice a week if not more, that I would gain lots of followers in my first year, and that by this point (4.5 years after my first post) I would have 500+ entries. Man was I ever wrong about everything.

I quickly found that I rarely ever posted for three reasons: a) from lack of ideas to post about; b) not enough time; c) procrastination. I didn’t gain followers as quickly as I wanted (from the lack of posts). I have nowhere near as many followers now that I had hoped I would have after having my blog for so long. Most of my “followers” are by email. Who knows how many of them are just spam accounts or companies whom don’t actually read my posts. Does it bother me? Not really. Also, at this point I have under 125 posts. Kind of lame right? I guess I had just set expectations way to high for myself.

Even now, I have issues with posting. I started an idea bank for those days I needed an idea to prompt me. Having those do help a little bit. Though I find I struggle figuring out how to write them some days. Does it frustrate me? Oh of course it does. Do I work around it? Sometimes, if I find that I am able to.

At least I can say now; after seeing what I thought would happen and what actually does happen; I am fine with it. If I end up with a huge following and being a well-known blogger one day I would be ok with it. But if I don’t, I will still be happily blogging away. Whatever happens will happen, however it will happen. And it will happen on it’s own terms, not mine.


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