Fright Night

Do you like being scared by books, films, and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it – or don’t.

For the most part I do like being scared by books, movies, etc. That’s kind of why I like scary movies. It isn’t very often that I am extremely scared of one. Even more rare that I am so scared of a movie that I am unable to ever watch it again, or even cannot be in the same room as it being on. Actually, I can only think of two movies that has ever happened to for me. They are Darkness Falls, and Insidious. I watched them both in the theatre. I saw Darkness Falls back when it came out when I was like 12. Still can’t watch it because of how scared I was. I also saw Insidious in the theatre when it came out. I wasn’t as scared for this one as I was for Darkness Falls; BUT, I was forced into taking the bus home at night right after watching it because my grandpa wouldn’t come get my mum and I from the theatre we were at. That definitely didn’t help matters any. So I went from being kind of scared of it, to not being able to watch it or be near it again.

I love scary / horror movies. I have since I was little. I don’t know what it is about them for me. I just love them. I guess I just like knowing that something is going to come out of nowhere and is supposed to be “scary” or ends up actually being scary.


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