Speaking of vacations…

In regards to my earlier post about vacations; I actually am going on a holiday. I am leaving in a couple days. I will be going to Vancouver.  I might try to do a post about it like I did a few years ago. But only not as long, and not hopefully not a day-by-day but as an over all kind of thing. I will try to make my holiday s interesting for all of you as it was for me.

It is going to be a long drive out there. I like the long drive because of all the scenery. You miss majority of it when you fly from Calgary to Vancouver. Although not a big fan of the having to get up really early part of it though. That is where the flying there part is better. But I would prefer the long drive with scenery than getting to sleep in that extra little bit.

What do you all prefer? The road trip or flying to and from?


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