Paper books or e-books?

Both. I love being able to actually physically hold a book and read it. But at the same time, e-books are awesome too. Like if you were to go on a holiday for example. You wouldn’t be able to take all your books with you. You would only really take a few at most. With e-books, you can take as many as you want with you. You just need your iPad, Kindle, Kobo, or whatever else you use for your e-books.

At least that way if you used both, if you were going someplace and you have a regular book with you, you finished it and had no other books to read you could start reading an e-book. You wouldn’t need to worry about finding a bookstore or some place to buy a new book. You would already have some with you. It also saves a lot of space if you used e-books when travelling. Not saying you shouldn’t take a physical book with you. I do have one with me when I travel. But I usually have my iPad with me too which has all my e-books. So I don’t have to take more than one book with me because I still have lots more.


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