If I was an actor…

If you could be an actor in a TV show, which TV show would you choose and why?

It’s a tie between Supernatural, CSI, or Criminal Minds. All are great shows, and have awesome story lines.

  • CSI: I would want to be one of the investigators. I wouldn’t care want exactly my character did as long as I was one of the investigators. Being able to get out of the lab for a part of the day would be nice. Even if it means having to go to a crime scene. Though, it would also be nice getting to stay at the lab and just having to see the pictures of whatever happened.
  • Criminal Minds: I would be one of the agents. I mean in that kind of show (as well as CSI) who wouldn’t want to go find the bad guy? I would rather be searching for the bad guy then being the bad guy.
  • Supernatural: I would be quite ok with being a hunter, a demon / angel, or a creature of some sort. Although being a hunter would be preferable. Hunting the monsters / unwanted things would be better than being the one whom is hunted. In Supernatural nobody is safe from dying. I mean, Sam and Dean have died how many times now in the past 9 seasons?

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