Things you don’t know about me

Realized that you all don’t really know all that much about me. So here are some things that the majority of you don’t know:

  • I was born in British Columbia
  • Moved to Calgary when I was 5
  • I got my geeky-ness from my mum
  • Not a morning person
  • I LOVE baking
  • I am a bit childish
  • Love reading. I will read anything that seems good to me
  • Love rain & thunderstorms
  • I am able to sleep through thunderstorms if they start while I am sleeping
  • Old horror movies are hilarious
  • Loves almost any kind of movie or TV show
  • Would travel the world going to comic & entertainment expos if I had the money
  • Not a sports fan
  • Would love to live somewhere warmer than Calgary – especially during the winter
  • Have never been out of North America
  • That being said, I have only been to the USA once
  • I have a (kind of) big DVD collection – though not as big as it will be in the future
  • Older TV shows are fantastic – i.e. Gillian’s Island, Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, etc
  • I can rarely go into a bookstore without coming out with at least one book
  • I like making weird food sometimes
  • Love taking pictures & am pretty good at it
  • Love ice cappuccino’s from Tim Horton’s, they are better than slurpies or slushies
  • Sprite and Dr Pepper are my favourite pops

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