Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

Ok, ok, I know that the Expo this year was just over a month ago. But I haven’t gotten around to posting about it yet.

The expo was a lot of fun this year. Got a few autographs, a couple t-shirts, saw a couple of panels, people watched – loved the cosplay this year -, and just had fun seeing everything. Then again I always have fun at these expos. The autographs I got were from Billy Boyd, Dean O’Gorman, Felicia Day, and Tom Felton. The t-shirts I got; one says ‘Zombies Ruined This Shirt’, with fake blood splatter over it; and the second one says ‘No Walking into Mordor’. Yes I know, how geeky of me. But I think they are awesome. I was considering getting one that said ‘Keep Calm and Call Darryl’. Ha-ha that one was great.

Here are some of the cosplayers I saw:

Joffery & Daenerys

Joffery & Daenerys



Stich; such an adorable cosplay, don’t you think?




Can’t remember what its name is, but most of you show know who he is.



Ok, so this one isn’t one picture isn’t about cosplayers. But it’s me pretending to try to kiss Gollum. He didn’t like it very much as you can tell. 😉 Ha-ha

Me kissing Gollum

I wish I had gotten some most pictures of more cosplayers, because there were a lot of really good ones this year.



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