Well I made my 10 posts for this year. I have actually done a lot more than my 10 posts, and still have lots more to come over the course of the year. All thanks to the 365 Days 365 Writing Prompts that the Word Press editors put out. I guess all I needed were a few prompted ideas for me to write about. Although all I have written so far this year has been from the prompts, and haven’t really thought about what else I wanted to write about. I am still a bit unsure about that, but I have a slight list of ideas brewing right now to help me out a bit. 😉

I know I am definitely going to try my hardest to post some more recipes. Maybe even a bit about some beauty products, expos, who knows what else. Whatever it may be that I end up posting about I will try to make it interesting 🙂

I would love to find out what you, my readers would like to read about. Just write to me, and I will try to include as much as I possibly can here on my blog. -There’s a form you can fill out on my bio page as well if you don’t any ideas right now. Feel free to fill it out if and when you do.- *Note: your email is optional, but I would prefer it to be included so I can get back to you if needed*


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