32 Flavours

32 flavours Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

What’s my favourite flavour? Hmm let’s see …… Well I guess it depends on what I’m eating. Of course I do love chocolate & vanilla flavoured lots of things. Sometimes things taste better as something else though. I can’t pin down one or two specific flavours and say that are my absolute favourite. I have many favourite flavours. Some flavours just work and taste better in something to different people sometimes.
For example: one of the self serve frozen yogurt places near my house currently has lemon sorbet yogurt & orange blossom yogurt. I got both think I’d like them. Well, ok, I already knew I liked the lemon as I’ve had it before. I usually like both orange and lemon as I like citrusy flavours. I love the lemon, couldn’t stand the orange. My mum whom also kind of likes citrusy flavours liked the orange & doesn’t like the lemon.
Which brings me back to my point. You may have many favourite flavours. But sometimes those flavours don’t taste very good in something. I do have favourite flavours. Some are depending on what it is I am eating.


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