Have I ever made a New Year’s resolution that I’ve kept?
Ha ha ha ha now that’s funny. I’ve made a few of them. But they never last more than a couple of weeks at most. So a few years ago I just gave up all together on making them because I know it won’t last. Well, if not making a resolution because you knew you’d break it was a resolution then I guess I have kept it the past few years. Although it really isn’t. Which works quite well for me. After all, if no resolution is made how could it possibly be broken or kept?
It makes things easier in some ways. If you to miss a day of going to the gym or ate something sweet that wasn’t apart of the diet you had, it would just be a slip up or mistake. It wouldn’t mean a broken resolution. Therefore not having a resolution and making that little mistake is really no big deal. You could just work off that cookie or cake (or whatever it you had) off again, or if you missed a day at the gym you can just go again when you get the chance.


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