Happy New Years

Happy New Years everybody! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

Where was I last night when the clock struck 12:00 am you ask? Well lets see. I was at home, playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii. I believe I was actually right in the middle of doing the Jackson 5’s I want You Back.

Nothing fancy, nothing I couldn’t be doing any other night I guess. Then again, going out to a bar or someplace is something I could be doing any other night if I really wanted to. But for me, I am quite fine with just staying home with some alcohol, food, a movie or two, and some games. I actually find it to be very of fun. A lot more relaxing than going out to a crowded bar or somewhere on New Year’s Eve. That is just me though. Then again, I never have gone out for New Year’s Eve. Never saw the appeal to it. Maybe some year I will. But it probably won’t be soon. I will just have to see what happens once we get to the end of the year – or more – to see what I end up doing.

What is your preference for New Year’s Eve? Stay home, go out, or something else entirely?


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