Happy Holidays

I really need to get with the whole remembering I have a blog and I should post to it thing. I have been very good at forgetting to post ever since I started it up. Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be blog more often. Ha ha, I will probably fail at that with in the first month or so.

The past few months have been some what interesting.

At the end of July and beginning of August my family and I did a few road trips. Pretty much all of them were just for the day. One was to Rouleau Saskatchewan, which is where Corner Gas was filmed. That was a lot of driving I tell ya. It was basically a little town in the middle of no where about 4 kms away from Moosejaw. I loved what one of the hats in a gas station in Moosejaw said. “Where’s Moosejaw? About 6 feet from the moose’s ass.” Another of the road trips was to the big rock out by Okotoks, then on to Bragg Creek. I think we went through Black Diamond that day too. I was shocked to see that the cattle got to wander around freely. No fences around the properties. They had what is called “Texas Gates”. Basically it’s like a big metal grate in the highway. The cattle must not like it and use it like a fence. Another day we had gone up to Banff and was there most of the day. We saw the Bow falls, it was quite pretty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bow Falls Bow River and mountains

The last couple weeks of August I was in Vancouver. I loved it, I had so much fun. The beginning of the trip however wasn’t exactly all that much fun. The first day was going pretty much fine until we hit Hope, BC where the car broke down outside of a motel. We ended up getting towed into Hope itself. Thankfully the car was repaired the next day around 3pm give or take a bit. We made it into Vancouver later that day. The week there with out the con was awesome. I mostly just went around downtown and the beach and a few other things (although I can’t exactly remember what all I did). When I was switching rooms from the one I was in to the one for the convention, while in the elevator my room-mate and I were talking to an undertaker. He had asked us if we wanted a card when we were getting off the elevator but it was already closing when he asked. If Death can take a holiday why can’t he right? The convention itself was awesome. I met some really cool people and got to see some of the cool people I met last year. If only I had words to describe what I thought of the convention. It was… It was… It was awesome, fun, well just over all awesome. My photo ops were great this year. I had a girl want to take a picture of me with my Misha photo-op, because as she had said “it was the best and funniest photo-op she had ever seen”. These are probably some of the best photo ops I will get in a while.

Julian Richings Photo Op Mark Sheppard Photo Op Mark Pellegrino Photo Op Jim Beaver Photo Op Matt Cohen Photo Op Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr Photo Op Richard Speight Jr Photo Op Misha Collins Photo Op Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Photo Op

September through a couple of weeks ago was mostly just all work. not much else.

Christmas was pretty good. Most of us in my house knew what we were getting because we were there when everyone was shopping. We still enjoyed it all though. I got  Frozen Heat by Richard Castle, Glee season 3, body lotion, and chocolate (even though I had said no chocolate or candy but oh well). How was the holidays for all of you?

I hope everybody has a Happy New Year.


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