So it’s almost time for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Con this year. I love going, it’s a lot of fun (well to me it is anyways). I will be heading out all three days this year – Friday night, Saturday and Sunday – unlike last year where I only went Saturday and Sunday. This year I’m only going the Friday night because James Marsters is doing a concert in the Boyce Theatre in the BMO Center. Which even I didn’t know about until I read a friend’s tweet about it. And I ended up getting a ticket for it as well.

Like last year I will do an entry about the Con if anybody wants to read it after the weekend is over.

The Wednesday after the Con I’ll be heading out to Victoria British Columbia for a week-long holiday with my mum for my 21st birthday. It will be this first birthday I’ve had in British Columbia since I was 5. Personally I just can’t wait to get back out to British Columbia. I love it out there. I’m more happy about going out there than I am about being out there for my birthday. A good part of why I love being out on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver is because of the ocean, and because I’m from around there.

Not going to promise any entries from the holiday though. If there is it will probably be pretty short.


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