Been Awhile

Well it really has been awhile since my last post. Time slipt past me. It’s hard for me to believe its been two months since I was here last. So happy late New Year’s, Chinese New Year’s and Valentine’s day to you all.

Since my last baking post aka my last post I’ve branch out my baking a little bit. I tried making a pie. I made a Blueberry Pie. which for the most part was a success. Homemade blueberry pie filling, and store-bought dough. I was a bit lazy and didn’t actually want to make the dough & didn’t want to have to look up a recipe for it. Which I probably will at some point anyways. The filling ended up being a little bit runny and the bottom crust pretty much melted into the filling. But over all it turned out pretty well and tasted pretty good. I even bought a couple of cookbooks. So now it’s expected of me to cook. Even though I haven’t yet. I will though, eventually.

Haven’t really been up to much than that I guess. I mean other than work and doing nothing.


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