I’m starting to really enjoy tea. I never really used to drink tea that often – rarely ever actually. I mostly used to drink coffee, and water.But I tried a few different kinds at work a few months ago and enjoyed them. I even ordered one type I liked that I tried at work, and a couple other kinds I had never tried before from bigelow.com. The one I tried at work was ‘Constant Comment’ it’s an orange & spice flavored tea, it’s pretty good. The two I ordered I had never tried prior were ‘American Classic Rockville Raspberry’ and ‘American Classic Plantation Peach’. Both of which are pretty good. I’ve even tried the Constant Comment, and Raspberry with hot chocolate. I actually really like it. I’m going to be trying hot chocolate with the Peach tea later I think. I also like the ‘Apple Cranberry’ tea from Bigelow as well. It’s also really good with hot chocolate. I’ll have to order the Apple Cranberry the next time I’m ordering tea. Like I said, I think I’m really starting to like tea. Maybe even a little bit too much.

My holiday next August to Vancouver might turn into a road trip. My grandpa said he’d drive me to and from Vancouver so I could save money on plane tickets, and a taxi too and from the hotel. He also said he wants to go to British Columbia for a holiday anyways. So it all works out. It will also give me more money to actually spend while on holiday. Driving from Calgary Alberta to Vancouver British Columbia does take quite a bit longer than taking a plane. Taking a plane takes roughly around 1 hour, 22 minutes while driving takes around 10 ish hours. It also means no 50 lb weight limit on my luggage, and a second luggage free of cost. I do plan on shopping which means I can bring more home without having to pay at the airport because of a second luggage or over-weight luggage. Travel by car also means I could take some pictures of the mountains, scenery, etc. Travel by plane means not as many scenery pictures because you’re flying over it all.

Well about a month until Christmas. Mum and I already have all our Christmas lights, and tree up. The tree is a tiny little thing that you don’t even need to set up. And the tree’s has been in my room for the past – oh let me see now – 2 or 3 years now? And when I say 2 or 3 years I mean year around. The Christmas lights, well, they were still up from last year too. So we didn’t really even set anything up or pull things out of the garage or a closet. All we did was move the tree from my room to the livingroom.


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