Almost ready & going crazy

Almost ready for Supernatural’s Vancouver con next year. Got my gold ticket (gets karaoke, cocktail party, breakfast with Jared & Jensen panel, all autographs), Jared & Jensen photo op, Misha photo op, Matt photo op, Richard photo op, Matt & Richard photo op, and reserved a room @ the hotel. Just need to book flight – when I see a better seat sale from West Jet -, and maybe a few more photo op’s depending on who’s all going. The crazy expensiveness is totally worth it though.  About 75% of my credit card is SPN con. Between the hotel from this year, the gold ticket, and photo ops it really adds up quickly. Yes I know that’s a lot (if you knew how much that actually added up to you’d agree), but it really is worth every penny. Or should I say dollar? Now just to wait for next August.

I’ll probably be in Vancouver about a week again next year. I know I’ll be going to Granville, and the beach again. Maybe even go back to the aquarium, as I couldn’t get as many pictures or videos as I wanted to because my camera battery died quite quickly that day. But I bought a second battery as a back up in case I need it if the first dies when out and about.  And I will try to do a day by day in one blog entry thing again. I had fun sharing this year.

I know I’ve been blogging about Supernatural a lot and I’m sorry. But I can’t help it. I love this so lots, and the conventions are crazy awesome. I promise I will try really hard to not write about Supernatural in my next few entries, as the past few have been pictures, or very long written entries about it.

I can’t believe that it’s ALREADY October. So it’s almost Halloween. One of my favorite time’s of the year. Which also means that Christmas & New Year’s is closer than I realized. I guess that means that the Supernatural con is closer than I thought? Opps sorry. Trying to keep the rest of this not about SPN. I apologize now if I keep derailing from what I’m trying to say and going back to supernatural. This year for Christmas my mum and I aren’t putting up a Christmas tree. We don’t exactly feel like it and we still have our lights up from last year – mum didn’t feel like taking them down so I wasnt going to stop her from leaving them up. We’re also doing a minimalist Christmas, meaning barely any gifts or anything. I’m perfectly ok with that, considering I don’t want much and I don’t have much money to buy much for others (all because of SPN).

I  don’t know why it is, but most of the times (about 95%) I write long entries I’m writing at night. I guess I do most of my thinking during the night and not the day for writing? Oh well it gives me something to do. I don’t mind though.

Well my brain’s all “SUPERNATURAL, SUPERNATURAL VANCOUVER CON, BLAH-BLAH-BLAH”, so I think I better end this entry here, before it takes up my entire entry. I truly do promise to try to make my next few entries (whenever they may be), to have either barely any to no supernatural related talk.


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