Vancouver Holiday & SPN Con

So over the time of the holiday I added bits and pieces to make up this entry whenever, wherever I could. I’m not guaranteeing that it will all make complete sense, but I swear I tried. Some of it may be past tense or in the moment, as I was doing this per day not as an over all, after fact kind of thing.

Day one (August 24): And we made it to Vancouver safely. We even got to check in to our hotel like 2 hours early. Leaving Calgary was interesting. First the luggage attendants were waving at the plane. Then the entire city looked like legoland. Vancouver looked more like a cross between legoland, and a monopoly board. I’ve always heard about food trucks, but never actually seen one. Well not until we were on our way to the hotel, where I saw 5 of them. One of them actually sounded familiar too, maybe off of Eat St on the food network? …… Had a traditional chicken burrito, liked it, but would have liked it more if it wasn’t quite so spicy. Also tried Japadog (Japanese style hot dog). Mine was interesting, I think it was called Tankasitu or something like that. It was alright. Definitely better than the one my mum had. Which was a Oritini (I think), which wasn’t all that great.

Day 2 (August 25): Stupid sea gulls, and thin windows. I heard them all night long. …… Its been a pretty interesting day so far. I’ve been out and about for about 7 hours. We went to Granville Island, the beach, and walked around downtown a little bit. When my mum and I were at Granville we went to this little restaurant place. We ordered and paid, sat down and waited for our wild salmon chowder. We were wondering if they actually had to go out and catch the salmon as it was taking forever. And then we found out we were forgotten, when the manager/owner asked her two employees who took our order & we finally got our food. The soup was alright. Would have been much, much better if there weren’t so many spices in it. Couldn’t really taste the salmon through all the spices. …… So to top off an interesting day, my evening was interesting as well. We found out that all calls (including local) from the hotel phone cost $0.50. The last time we were in BC (a few years ago) local calls were at least free. Then we get to bed, start to relax, we hear the people above us turn on their shower. And then whoosh, drip drip drip down the bathroom wall down here.

Day three (August 26): Been at the Supernatural Con pretty much all day. So far I’ve seen the Chad Lindberg / Alona Tal panel, and the Richard Speight Jr panel. Currently waiting for the autograph session so I can get their autographs. The karaoke party is tonight at like 11:00pm. The hosts are Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen. I think Alona Tal, and Chad Lindberg maybe be going as well.

Day 4 (August 27): Last night was pretty good. We had walked over to the Sheraton for the “karaoke kings koncert”. On the way over there, walking down Robson St and a couple blocks from Burrard St, we saw Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen about 7 or so feet ahead of us. Then we realized that Sebastian, Alona and Chad were beside us. We looked at Sebastian, he looked at us, and we started talking. The karaoke party last night was so much fun. Of course like I said Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen were there. Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg, Colin Lawrence, and Sebastian Roche were all there as well. Chad had come down into the crowd quite a few times. One of the times he stood on a chair in front of me and I got a high-five. …… Watched the panels, and got my autographs. Right now I’m waiting until closer to 8:30pm to go back into the Grand Ballroom for the costume competition. Later on tonight at like 11:15pm is the dessert and cocktail party. Misha Collins, Matt Cohen, Steven Williams, and Corin Nemic will be attending it as well. …… And now waiting for the party. The winner of the costume competition went to Bloody Mary, second place was the Lady in White, and third was the brides of Dracula. The semi-finalists were Castiel, Dean, and a Matt Cohen inspired costume. …… Currently 1:23am. Just got back to our hotel maybe 15 minutes ago. It was a tad bit boring. Their idea of “desserts” was ice cream. Just ice cream. Would have stayed longer, but I need to be up earlier for the Jared and Jensen breakfast thing. At the cocktail party, we got to chat with the celebrities whom were attending, which were: Corin, Sebastian, Misha, Matt, & Steven. I got to sit next to Misha, Corin, and Matt. Sebastian sat on the other side of the table, and we left before we got to see Steven.

Day 5 (August 28): The breakfast with Jensen and Jared was alright. They got there at about 10:00amish for a private panel (gold members only). It was pretty fun. Then was the lovely (ha) wait for the Jared and Jensen duo photo-op. Which was super cool. They may be tall, but I definitely didn’t feel short at all. It was so funny. You go in the photo-op room and its bright as you walk in & put your bag on the table, go along the line, walk up to Jared & Jensen, they put their arms around you (and you them) and then they lean in above you and your thinking ‘it just got really dark’. I got my Misha photo-op picture from yesterday. It’s actually really good, although Misha’s expression looks borderline creepy. Later tonight I have to go back to get my Jared and Jensen photo-op picture. Can’t wait to see how that one turned out. I’m definitely planning on coming back next year. 🙂 I know I’ll have just as much fun next year as I did this year.

Day 6 (August 29): My Jared and Jensen photo-op picture turned out really well. I loved it. You know, my grandpa’s always like the crime rate in Vancouver is super bad, and stuff like that. Over our time here we’ve heard 3 fire trucks, 2 cop cars, and 1 ambulance. Last night coming back to the hotel we saw 3 cop cars and thought what happened? Only to find all 3 cops eating at Yogenfruz. …… Went to Stanley Park and the Aquarium.

Day 7 (August 30): Today is my last whole day here in Vancouver. Our flight home is tomorrow afternoon. I’m just relaxing at the hotel. I may go walking down Robson St later today. Mum just headed back to Stanley Park. I didn’t want to go. I can’t believe my holiday is almost over. It feels like its been a couple of weeks opposed to the one week I’ve been here. Probably because of all we have fit in to each day and a few nights of little sleep. But it has been worth it. …… My day was alright. I did lots of relaxing, and walked down Robson St for a couple of hours. Tomorrow afternoon is the flight back to Calgary. It feels like this holiday hasn’t been long enough. I wish I could stay longer, but unfortunately I can’t.

Day 8 (August 31): Wow how interesting. Just found out from one of my mum’s twitter friends that the hotel we’ve been staying at (the Barclay on Robson St) is a Spn location in the Shadow episode. I booked this place because it was cheap, and then I find out this place is a location?!? How strange!! Mum and I will definitely have to watch that episode again, we don’t remember it. …… At the Vancouver airport. The flight boards in like 2 hours, but its better to be early than late. While still at the hotel, mum decided to play domino’s with our luggage while checking out. I will miss being in Vancouver, I don’t really want to go home. But I must. And of course I will come back next year for another Supernatural Con. 😉 …… Well flight got cancelled due to maintenance. Which means my flight back could be at any point today, or even tomorrow if that’s how it ends. So I’m stuck at the airport, at least they gave us a meal voucher for $10. We should find out what’s going on in about half an hour or so. …… So I will now be leaving Vancouver at 5:00pm. Won’t be in Calgary until after 7:00pm. Which really sucks, but at least I leave today. …… And I’m finally back in Calgary. One of our flight attendants was quite funny today “please shut off all of your cells, ipod’s, ipad’s, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries”. Ha ha so funny. Just waiting for our stuff so we can call home for my grandpa to come pick us up. …… At home, its nice to be home. Can’t wait to get to bed.


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