My Vancouver holiday has actually arrived. Well almost. In 2 days I’ll be at the airport waiting for my flight to head off to Vancouver. But still, it’s here. After almost a year of waiting and wishing the end of August would just get here already. At least I have pretty well everything I’ll need packed up as of last night. All the things unpacked will be packed up tomorrow night. I have my nails done (they’re always sharp, so I filed them and then painted them). And may I say my nails look pretty dang good. Tomorrow probably won’t go as fast as I’ll want it to go. But I guess it will have to do I guess, given that time can only go just so fast.

I’m really looking forward to the supernatural con. And for those of you whom are wondering, the supernatural con is for the tv series Supernatural. Not actual supernatural stuff. But I have to admit that would be an interesting convention to attend.

Anyways. Back to my point. My holiday is practically flying up right to me. Tomorrow is my last little bit of packing. And I will have to clean a bit of stuff up around my desk and everything tomorrow as well. Not fun. But I guess the no fun of packing and getting ready to go is alright right before heading off though.


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