Lesson of the day

So my lesson of the day. Well today I think it’s actually lessons, because there’s three of them.

  1. When trying to buy milk at the store, and somebody’s talking to you about a different percentage (skim vs 1% etc) than what your there to buy make sure you pick up the right one that you’re looking for. Not the one that the other person is talking about.
  2. When buying a bottle of body spray that you want (but the bottle you were looking at is broken), look at the other bottles closely. Just because another bottle has the exact same colour of liquid inside, and the exact same colour label, it does not mean it’s the same stuff. Read it before you buy it, because you could get home spray it and be all like but this doesn’t smell like that one at the store, only to read it and find out that it’s a different scent all together.
  3. When going to the mall remember to buy the item that you originally went there for. Otherwise you will have to go back either later in the day or the next day to buy that item. Which isn’t very fun.

So there are my lessons of the day. My mum thinks I need glasses because I couldn’t read things properly.


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