I want to

Move so badly. I’ve been wanting to move out of Calgary now for about 3 years. I want to move to Vancouver. Which would mean having to save up a lot of money first before I even attempt to do. Which also means, I need to find a new job asap to be able to save up the money for rent, furniture, bills, all that lovely stuff, and still have enough extra in case something happens. Why Vancouver you may ask? Because I love British Columbia, the ocean, etc. But I still want to live in a city, not a town or anything like that. Vancouver is right by the ocean, has beaches, is pretty cool (I’m not talking about weather here), in my opinion much better than Calgary and of course I wouldn’t really have to worry about the possibility of snow in the middle of summer. Ok we had snow from January – June, then September – December one year here in Calgary. So totally not cool. I’m quite ok with lots of rain. Rain is acceptable compared to snow. I’m not really a snow person if you couldn’t already tell. I’ll take the rain any day if it means I don’t have to be near the snow. I think I was about 17 when I first decided that I wanted to move back to BC. But only at that point I think that I wanted to move to Tofino BC. Which is on Vancouver Island. And about a 10-15 minute drive from Long Beach and about another 15-30 minutes from Port Alberni. You’d have to drive in to Port Alberni for a few things, since Tofino is kind of small. Which is really cool. I totally would move to Tofino, if I had lots of money and could drive (which i should probably learn to do pretty quickly). Tofino’s beautiful and all, but houses there are very expensive. Like starting at around $450,000 going up over $1,000,000. I know I wouldn’t be able to afford any of those houses anytime soon. At least with Vancouver, I might be able to find a cheaper house if I were to buy one if I made enough money. Because houses there (I saw a couple on a few websites) that started around $250,000 going up and way over $1,000,000 depending on what area your buying in. personally, I’d start with getting an apartment in the Kitsilano area, or downtown area. I love both areas because downtown is well, downtown. And it’s near Granville Island. Kitsilano is near both downtown and Granville. So either would work out for me. And both areas are near the ocean and beaches. Ha ha ha ha. I’m a sucker for the ocean and the beach. I just love it. I want to move to Vancouver so badly. I want to be more independent and live on my own without having to live with my mum and grandparents. That is one of the reasons why I’m going to go out applying to places later in hopes I get hired. Another is just because I need money in general. I would come back to Calgary once in a while. To visit friends, go to the Stampede, for things like that. Not because I want to move back. I highly doubt that would happen. I didn’t really want to move to Calgary in the first place. But because I was only 5, I didn’t exactly have a choice on where I moved to. But now that I’m old enough I do have a choice. My choice is to go out and find a better job so I can hopefully move to Vancouver with in the next couple of years. Being able to do that would just make me so happy. To have a dream come true. This is actually an achievable dream, given I’m able to make enough money to be able to actually do it. And I’m really, really hoping that I will be able to.


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