Weird vampire dream

-Last night I had a very messed up dream. It was starting to head towards the line of almost being a nightmare though before I stopped having that dream. I haven’t had a dream like this one in a very long time. I thought I was rather ridiculous, but there’s nothing I can do about that.-                            

I had just moved into this house in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, and a few neighbours decided to befriend me and wanted to help me organize my furniture in my house, etc. So I was all like alright why not, I could use some help. So they helped me and everything. There was a total of 5 of them. 2 sets of couple (1 guy 1 girl in both) and a guy. Their names were Callie, Abbey, Adam, Calvin, and Jake. Callie and Adam were a couple, and Abbey and Calvin were a couple. Jake was the odd one out. Jake and I ended up dating. -That was the good part here comes the part that starts getting creepy.- A year into the relationship Jake and I were having he tells me that he’s a 550 year old Vampire. And that in most of his 550 years being a vampire he has been trying to find the perfect human woman to turn into a vampire and marry. He had also told me that he was telling me all of this because not only was I supposed to be “his perfect human woman” but he was given a certain amount of time (600 years) and he was running out of time. The vampire council was telling him that if he didn’t marry a human woman and turn her soon that they’d kill him. For some reason I had agreed to it. So Jake had told me that the council had to then meet me to see if I was indeed the perfect woman for becoming a vampire wife. They thought I was. So the head vampire from the council decided that the “wedding” would be the following Tuesday at sundown. The head vampire also told his female assistant (or maybe his “perfect human woman turned vampire wife” even?) to make sure to tell me about how the whole vampire wedding thing would be happening, what being a vampire wife would be like, and to help me find the dress. Even if the dress was something I already had in my closet. He then told Jake to make sure that he was completely ready for the wedding as well. So the assistant and I headed to my house and while on the way there she was telling me about the wedding. There’s all these weird traditions that even she couldn’t really remember all of the details. But told me as much as she could. Apparently the male vampire (or in this case Jake) will have to bite the woman behind her right ear. Then the few things after was fuzzy to the assistant. But after the ritual was finished we’d be set to the place that everything started. Well actually 2 different places. First the place where vampirism first started, and then the place where the husband became a vampire. And we’d be gone until the woman (or me this time) became a complete vampire. Once we got to my house she started rooting though my closet to see if I had the type of dress the head vamp wanted me to wear. She said it had to be either red blue or purple, and that it had to be in a specific style that was similar to the dresses they had used 950 years ago. I was a little scared at what exactly I would be wearing at this point. But then she went on to tell me that the style was different for everybody, and that when a dress was on the woman being turned into a vampire they would know if it was the right dress or not. Which made me feel better in a weird kind of way. The assistant eventually found the perfect dress, which happened to be a red strapless ball gown. And I was totally okay with that. I was then briefed on everything else. Then the time jumped and it was the day of the wedding. Jake, the head vampire, his assistant and myself went into this room for the rituals. Jake had bitten behind my right ear, and everything went very hazy. I have no idea what kind of things happened after because the next thing I remember was that we had been transported to a big forest in some other country. And that is where the dream ended.

-See what I mean? If it had gone any farther it could have turned into a nightmare. I know I had said it was weird and ridiculous.-


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