Hey y’all!! I’m Melissa. I’m a twenty-six year old girl, who lives in Alberta, Canada.
I’m a bit girly, geeky, strange, amateur writer, 100 % uniquely me. And I love every minute of it. I have very big hopes & dreams. Most of which will hopefully happen never happen.
I love travelling, shopping, movies / certain tv shows, & music. I love acting, singing, and dancing – definitely not the greatest at any of the three. I actually think I may love traveling and shopping a little bit too much. Music, movies, plays, tv shows, and other fine art and performing art related things are amazing. They are part of what makes me well me. I go to concerts, movies, plays, & all those other things whenever I get the chance.
I go to different types of shows, and conventions. Like the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo , Women’s show, Vancouver Bc’s Supernatural Con, as well as many others. I’ve also gone to a Comic, Gaming and Entertainment Convention in Columbus Ohio once. I love attending these kind of things. I find them tons of fun. And you can meet some pretty cool people as well (true story, I have friends from attending them).

Want to contact me? Have an idea you want me to possibly write about? Just fill out the form below. *Note, your email is optional, but I would prefer it included so I could get back to you*

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